(Music collective I BE)

Since its founding in 2017, Brikabrak has been a keystone in Brussels nightlife for innovative dj’s, alternative clubbing experiences and open-minded music enthusiasts. The 11-headed collective (consisting of Bona Léa, Fahad Seriki, Jiem, Monicashflow o’simmie, Ravi Bongo, Torito22, Yooth and a management team) has since blossomed into a nationwide community of artists and audiences, united in a borderless, genre-bending musical movement. Over the past 6 years, they built up a niche that celebrates a wide range of talents, championing futuristic, percussive, bass-heavy sounds. The crew’s relentless energy and pulsating rhythms makes them a perfect conducter for dancefloors, igniting frenzies of movement and creating an electric atmosphere. Powered by an inclusive ethos, the crew wants to facilitate a warm space for a variety of people. From collaborating with the likes of Couleur Café, Listen! Festival, and VICE to booking pioneers like DJ Lag, VHOOR and Scratcha DVA, Brikabrak’s growth has been organic and intentional. This playful bunch can’t wait to guide you through their orchestrated chaos.

Forum :
European Lab Brussels 2023

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