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May 8 – 11 · Lyon 

From 8 to 11 May, Nuits sonores and European Lab are back with their discourse’ programme Nuits sonores Lab under the theme “Sketching out the future”.

Workshops, talks, listening sessions, interviews, artistic formats, a focus on European community radios – for 4 days, artists, labels, collectives, festivals, media and  thinkers from Europe’s independent cultural sphere will offer perspectives and formulate responses to issues faced by contemporary scenes.


As it enters its third decade, Nuits Sonores, in collaboration with European Lab, is proud to present its programme of idea debates, Nuits Sonores Lab. This year’s edition will feature fresh venues and formats built around a central theme: “Sketching out the future”. By questioning the future trajectory of music and independent scenes, the festival will challenge the social role of artists, actors and actresses in the European cultural sector. It is a programme delivered from the perspective of “taking action together” (connection of initiatives) and discovering new aesthetics.

Nuits Sonores Lab will imagine the club culture of tomorrow: what will our raves look like in 30 years’ time? What role(s) does the European independent music sector intend to play in a tense political and social context? A day of events will also be dedicated to the climate emergency: how can we continue to develop artistic projects in an era of extreme weather phenomena? Lastly, in the age of artificial intelligence – from machine learning to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) – how can we understand the digital (r)evolutions at work within the independent music landscape? And how can a festival reflect these changes?

Across these three themes, artists, labels, collectives, festivals, socially engaged online radio stations, media platforms, thinkers and committed collectives from the European independent cultural sphere will offer perspectives and formulate responses to these issues over the course of four days of events in Lyon. Just like a traditional laboratory, Nuits Sonores Lab tests hypotheses, putting them to the test in the field through these contemporary artistic scenes and their communities. The Lab thereby serves as a way for the festival to open a space for discussions, to give a voice to new generations and to promote more open, horizontal and plural forms of action and collaboration.

First themes:

– What’s the future of independent music scenes?
– Cultural activities in time of extreme weather
– Music and technology
– More care in club culture
– Radio Lab: focus on European community radios

& more to come.

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