Maya Baklanova

(Ukrainian journalist, Tight Magazine I UA / DE)

Maya Baklanova holds 8 years of experience in the Ukrainian music and culturalscene. Her roles encompass communication and co-curation at Cxema, a Ukrainianindependent cultural organization generally known as the biggest rave party inEastern Europe, along with leading communications at Kyiv’s ∄ (K41) cultural hub.Beyond this, Maya contributes to online and offline music and social activities,including her involvement in the Tight platform for contemporary music and visualart, as well as the ХІТЬ queer-party series. She actively resists Russian propagandain art and music circles amidst the Russian invasion. Maya Baklanova has been a contributor to media outlets such as Tight, Borshch Magazine, Resident Advisor, Year Zero, Cxema, Highsnobiety, Mixmag (UK), The Wire, DTF Magazine.

Forum :
European Lab Brussels 2023

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