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Bassiani, GE

Zviad Gelbakhiani

Brief info

Zviad Gelbakhiani with the age of 32, born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Zviad has been doing parties in Tbilisi from 2012. It was Zviad and his two friend when they made first ever underground techno party in Tbilisi in 2013 at Massimilioano Fuksas designed construction. in 2014 Zviad joined Vitamin Cubes as a promoter and was doing parties till 2015. 2015 was the year when Zviad and his four companions decided to make Bassiani. It was time to make things more solidly. Since then as Bassiani is not only a club but already a social movement, Zviad is also involved in social activities - as White Noise Movement which is against very strict and un-tolerance drug policy in Georgia. It’s him and his friend who are trying to change humiliated drug policy in Georgia.
In 2021 with his Bassiani partners Zviad founded festival ICKPA in Ukraine, Kyiv. ICKPA is a three day festival, celebrating electronic music and cultural dialogue. 

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