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Silvia Serrano

Brief info

Silvia Serrano is a journalist and audiovisual creator, specialised in podcast and sound creation. She is the creator of La Abuela de las Tres Guerras, a narrative podcast selected as the Sphera European Podcast Contest Spanish winner. For that reason, the podcast is now being transformed into an audiovisual product and translated into English and other European languages. Before that, Silvia Serrano worked as an intern at Vocento’s podcast department where she helped on the production of several podcast projects, such as Las Dos Muertes de Javier Ardines, and Proyecto Lobo. Since February 2021, she has been working on her personal project, META Conciencia, a meditation and spirituality podcast. In May 2022, Silvia participated in Estación Podcast, the first big iberoamerican podcast festival, as one of the new-generation podcasters.


Forum : Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels