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Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication, FR

Guillaume Heuguet

Brief info

Guillaume Heuguet is a doctor in information and communication sciences, a teacher in aesthetics and critical theory at the MOCO ESBA, a member of the GRIPIC (Sorbonne University) and IRMECCEN (Sorbonne Nouvelle) laboratories, a publisher (Audimat Editions) and editor-in-chief of the journals Audimat and Tèque.

He co-founded with Mondkopf the label In Paradisum, which became a musicians' cooperative in 2022. He is the author of YouTube et les métamorphoses de la musique (INA Editions, 2021) and has recently edited three collections and anthologies: Trap (Audimat Editions, 2021, with Etienne Menu), Chill (Audimat Editions, forthcoming 2022), and Penser les musiques populaires. Une anthologie des popular music studies (La Rue Musicale, forthcoming 2022).

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