European Lab Camp : about

European Lab Camp : 3 themes

Thursday May 30th

The day after

Friday May 31th

Please disobey!

Saturday June 1st

Fiction for Future

European Lab Camp : innovative formats


Radio Lab is an editorialied and live-streamed online radio station. Entirely open to the public, the Radio Lab studio is a platform for interaction and conversation that welcomes a succession of guests to pursue and expand on the forum’s main debates, all the while broadcasting live to an online audience.


European Lab organises open workshops, training courses and moments of inspiration, taking participants from theory to practice and delving deeper into the issues at the heart of the forum. These sessions offer everyone the tools to better understand and take action in today’s world.


Over 100 speakers, authors, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists exchanging ideas and projects in order to shine a light on the issues and struggles facing today’s world and to bring into focus a clearer vision of tomorrow’s culture.


Every day the podcast bar at Hôtel71 will host intimate chats with podcasters from the local area and beyond,
to further explore the three main themes at the heart of European Lab Camp. Come and meet, face-to-face, a new generation of broadcasters who are creating and experimenting with audio formats: interact, get inspired and discover new sonic universes.


Every evening, European Lab Camp ends on a high with a concert performed by an artist at the forefront of today’s independent cultural scene. Charismatic, European and politically and culturally engaged, each band or artist shares the same values as European Lab Camp.