European Lab

In 2011, Arty Farty launched the European Lab project.

The ambition of this new platform: to bring together a generation of emerging and innovative cultural actors from all around Europe and invite them to take part in a shared process of reflection and engagement with the aim of imagining the future of culture together.

European Lab unites thinkers and makers around the post-fatalist ambitions of taking back control of our destiny; of shaping the culture, citizenship and entrepreneurship of tomorrow; and of re-writing narratives and re-imagining fantasies around Europe.


EUROPEAN LAB Paris / Paris — January
(in association with la Nuit des Idées)
The winter version of the Lyon forum, this evening-long event visits a new venue in Paris every year. it focuses on issues including the renewal of politics, the digital transformation, the role of the media and young people, and the future of pop culture.

EUROPEAN LAB Camp / Lyon — May
Held each year in parallel with Nuits Sonores, European Lab’s flagship event comprises a three-day forum that pledges to be eclectic, free-of-charge and open to everyone. The Camp showcases over 100 speakers and participants representing a new generation of thinkers and citizens.

EUROPEAN LAB Brussels / Bruxelles — October
Held every autumn in conjunction with Nuits Sonores Brussels, ELB is a cosmopolitan, cutting-edge and unifying event offering an overview of independent culture and modern thought, right from the political heart of Europe.

EUROPEAN LAB : the Autumn Forum
Every year, European Lab hits the road to visit a new, inspiring and relevant European city (Frankfurt 2017, delphi 2018, Madrid 2019) with a view to exchanging views with cultural actors, local citizens, professionals and personalities from across Europe.