Lucie Sanchez



After a Degree in economics and a Master’s degree in Business management, Lucie has worked in the packaging industry in the UK and for several organizations dealing with economic development in Italy before joining ART-ER (previous name was ASTER), a key organisation supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy.


Lucie has since then developedactivities to support the development of start-ups: incubation programmes, acceleration programmes and she has designed and managed many EU projects in the startup support sector. She is the coordinator of Climate-KIC Startup Accelerator Italy, a national programme for startups in climate sector. Since 2008, Lucie has also developed a competence and passion for Cultural and Creative Industries and has developes several initiatives in this field as for instance the project Chebec, an EU project funded within the Med Programme dedicateds to CCI internationalization.  

intervenant sur

vendredi 31 mai 2019

14:30 : 17:30 H7


INTERVENANTS : Lucie Sanchez , Alberto Mugica , Laure Mayoud , Sébastien Paule , Marko Radenkovic , Pierre Pevée , Lorenzo Serra , Irène Anglaret , Vincent Cavaroc , Luis Fernandes