europen lab évenement European Lab Madrid


31 May

11:00 - 12:30


70 quai Perrache

Lyon 2e


european lab | PLEASE DISOBEY! : Les nouveaux activismes

At a time when we are constantly facing challenges concerning the environment, inequality and migration, what role do creative actors have to play in mobilising greater awareness? Across the full range of artistic disciplines, it is often directors, photographers and artists that are found on the front line fighting for these causes, using immersive methods of storytelling to sound the alarm and call for solidarity. Anthropologist-photographer Stratis Vogiatzis has demonstrated as much with Caravan Project, in which he documents a Greece in the throes of crisis. Meanwhile, in his faux-documentary Please Love Austria!, award-winning Austrian director Paul Poet uses cinema to condemn the irrepressible rise of the far right in his country since the start of the 2000s. But nowhere does this phenomenon - whereby narrative forms are reinvented to denounce, accuse, shed light and make a political and social impact - manifest itself more overtly than in the use of virtual reality. Look no further than director Michael Kolchesky, who experiments with the new possibilities offered by this technology in her documentaries and by helping others to develop their VR projects, pushing for the educations side.... and awareness of the global change.