Looking back on Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels 2021

Five thousand spectators came together for the 4th edition of Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels, over five days and two nights of music, performances, debates and parties.

Developed in collaboration with Bozar, the 4th edition of European Lab Brussels focused on two pressing issues of our time: hospitality and equality. European Lab affirmed its purpose as a laboratory and a forum that connects artists, activists, thinkers and European journalists, and one which firmly believes that culture and the media have the potential to transform our society in crisis. It matched each conference with a preliminary workshop, in order to make concrete progress with regards to these challenges.

Watch below the video replays from this 4th edition:

Towards a unified European migration policy
Solidarity and hospitality: a committed art scene
Venues, culture & gentrification: Carte blanche to Bledarte
Equality and the fight against gender violence: what future for the music scene?