Introducing the Sphera Days!

Sphera is the first decentralised hub for alternative media across Europe. Made up of ten independent media and creative organisations, they engage young people about European and cross-border topics that affect them.

They create inspiring multilingual videos, podcasts and events, encouraging young people to become media creators at different levels of participation, so that they can feel connected to current European issues as potential drivers of societal change.

They aim to reinvent the European media space with a new, authentic social-media driven narrative that consists of both local and pan-European issues; all tapping into what young people really care about today.

What are the Sphera Days?

Over the course of this year, Sphera will also be on the ground, organising Sphera Days—five large-scale physical debates about some of the platform’s themes, as chosen by their newsroom. These focus events will last an entire day, and bring together inspiring speakers while also providing a chance to create new live content, by and for young influencers and other media professionals.

Sphera Days are coordinated by Arty Farty, and will take place in collaboration with other music festivals and events in Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary and France. Sphera is operating in partnership with ElevateNuits Sonores & European LabReworks AgoraUnsound, and AurĂłra.

The first Sphera Day will take place at European Lab in early June—stay tuned for more info!

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