European Lab, 10 years

→ Tuesday 8, June

Generation Z, the emerging media & European pop culture

The first day of European Lab’s 10th birthday celebrations will showcase Sphera, a new project that Arty Farty joined in March 2021. Sphera is a media platform that brings together ten actors from the European culture sector who specialise in creating content and media for the members of Generation Z around the continent. On Tuesday 8 June, there will be a series of round-table debates, workshops and radio shows exploring one of Sphera’s eight core themes: culture. Taking place against the backdrop of the new call for projects issued by the Creative Europe programme, these discussions will dissect, analyse and fore see the future of these new mechanisms that are set to shape the professional lives of cultural actors across Europe over the next seven years. Featuring journalists, experts and cultural actors, the day will be dedicated to unpacking the key issues that arise from this transnational culture policy.

Thanks to contributions from activists and young thinkers, this “Sphera Day” will also look at the role played by narratives – and specifically, by the emerging media, influencers, TV series and European pop culture – in the construction of a shared European imagination.

→ Wednesday 9, June

Inspiring alternative narratives

Inspiring alternative narrativesHow can we produce alternative narratives in Europe, capable of inspiring and spurring people into action to meet the democratic and environmental challenges of our time? This is the theme of the second day of the European Lab Forum. In collaboration with various European internet radio stations, Radio Lab will hand over the floor to artists and activists from the music industry who – by exploring issues ranging from climate change to cultural reappropriation and “decolonisation” – will putforward new ways to view and articulate our relationship with the world.

European Lab is also inviting several European personalities to its television studio, including Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat and French intellectual David Djaïz, to explore the emergence of a third way as an alternative both to the boredom factory that is (all too often) the European technostructure and to the power of the narratives disseminated by outrageous nationalist groups and surveillance capitalism systems. Capable of triggering action and rallying people together, these alternative narratives are urgently needed to respond to the environmental emergency.

Radio Lab all across Europe

On 9 June 2021, Radio Lab will be live on 5 European webradios for a programme focusing on the role of music in responding to contemporary challenges: Ola Radio (Bordeaux, France), Mutant Radio (Tbilisi, Georgia), Sphere Radio (Leipzig, Germany), Rádio Quântica (Lisbon, Portugal) et Movement Radio (Athens, Greece).

→ Thursday 10, June

Making stories

Journalists, authors and artists all compose stories, to invent new possibilities or to convey a reality and play a part in transforming it. But how do we know which stories to choose and how to tell them? Should we dare to use poetry, like Laurent Gaudé in Our Europe: Banquet of Nations or Cécile Coulon, the author of novels, poems and articles? Or are images a more effective way to inspire action, as demonstrated by Flore Vasseur in her forthcoming film Bigger Than Us? Should we take inspiration from podcasts, using sound to enhance our freedom of speech? How can we give everyone a voice, including those on the front line, without resorting to appropriation or censorship? How can we reconnect with the living world at last and imagine the metamorphoses that link the human to the non-human, the domesticated to the wild?

These questions and more will be explored on the third day of European Lab, dedicated to the art of story making.