European Lab, 10 years: the battle of the narratives

In June 2021, European Lab will celebrate its tenth birthday! On the occasion of a unique edition taking the form of an online media-forum, European Lab will bring together the men and women fighting on the frontline in the battle of the narratives. Ten years during which the platform has been identifying and connecting figures from around Europe and beyond, united in their conviction that culture and the media have the potential to transform our crisis-ridden societies.

To fight the battle of the narratives is to hand over the microphone to a new generation of changemakers across Europe and beyond. New media, third places, festivals, labels, record shops, clubs, cause-bearers, artists, activists, charities and NGOs: European Lab will welcome a whole range of personalities who all believe in the creative power of narratives and lead the fight for freedom, pluralism, diversity and emergence.

Dedicated to the ” battle of the narratives”, and in the context of a never-ending crisis, this anniversary edition will not be a celebration. Rather than looking in the rear-view mirror, it is more important than ever to continue to imagine the culture and media of tomorrow.

Full programme to be announced mid-May!