European Lab, 10 years: daily programme announced

The European Lab programme is being unveiled with the announcement of the features that will set the tempo for three days of debates and meetings around the theme of “the battle of the narratives”.

Tuesday 8 June: Generation Z, the emerging media & European pop culture

The first day, created in collaboration with the European media Sphera, will look at the role played by narratives—and specifically, by the emerging media, influencers, TV series and European pop culture—in the construction of a shared European imagination. European Lab will also host conversations decoding the new Culture and Media programmes of the European commission.

Wednesday 9 June: Inspiring alternative narratives

In collaboration with 5 European radio stations and We are Europe, Wednesday 9 June will be dedicated to inspiring alternative narratives: how can we produce alternative narratives in Europe, capable of inspiring and spurring people into action to meet the democratic and environmental challenges of our time? Radio Lab will hand over the floor to artists and activists from the music industry who will put forward new ways to view and articulate our relationship with the world.

Thursday 10 June: Making stories

The third and last day of European Lab, in collaboration with We are Europe, will be dedicated to the art of storymaking: how to convey a reality and play a part in transforming it? How do we know which stories to choose and how to tell them? Should we dare to use poetry, or are images a more effective way to inspire action? Should we use sound to enhance our freedom of speech? How can we give everyone a voice, including those on the front line, without resorting to appropriation or censorship?

An event to experience online and in person in Lyon

TV platform, Radio Lab, installation, workshops: the core formats that make up the European Lab DNA will make their return for this edition, to be held simultaneously online at and in person in Lyon (Hôtel71 — 71 quai Perrache 69002 Lyon, HEAT & H7 — 70 quai Perrache 69002 Lyon).

Following the latest government announcements, European Lab will now accommodate a seated and socially-distanced audience with a limited capacity, in strict compliance with the healthcare restrictions in force:

Radio Lab @ HEAT : free entry, subject to venue capacity.
Plateau TV @ H7 : registered attendees only.
Workshops @ Hôtel71 : registered attendees only. — Camille de Toledo @Hôtel71 : free entry, subject to venue capacity.

Register online from Tuesday 25 May at!

First names

On this occasion, European Lab will hand over the microphone to a new generation of changemakers across Europe and beyond: new media, third places, festivals, labels, record shops, clubs, cause-bearers, artists, activists, charities and NGOs.

Srećko HorvatCamille de ToledoFlore VasseurCécile CoulonKiyémisDeena AbdelwahedSimo CellLaurent GaudéDavid DjaïzJabu Nadia NewmanCamille LouisTommaso Salaroli and more to discover here!