European Networks

Given its history, its activities all over Europe and its numerous partnerships, European Lab occupies a strategic position within Europe’s cultural networks. Indeed, thanks to the close bonds that the project has forged over the years, it now actively participates in a large number of those networks. This dimension of the project, as well as its capacity to make connections, was recently illustrated by the Reset! initiative, a call for a reset of European public policies in the fields of culture and media launched in the wake of the French Appel des indépendants.

European Lab has therefore established itself as one of the major platforms for cultural actors in Europe, and a point of convergence for various networks and cooperation projects. This was the case at European Lab Delphi in 2018, while the tenth anniversary of the forum, which would have been celebrated in May 2020, was also set to host many of these European projects.

The networks that European Lab participates in include European Alternatives, Agora Europe, Trans Europe Halles, Culture Action Europe, SHAPE, Re:Imagine Europe, and more.