Arty Farty

Arty Farty is the organizing association of the European Lab forums.

Established in 1999, Arty Farty is a not-for-pro association, governed by the 1901 French Association Law. 100% European and 100% independent, Arty Farty places itself at the service of young people, innovative cultures, democratic renewal and the general interest.

Socially engaged and active, Arty Farty is a melting pot for ideas, debates and artistic initiatives, locally and on both a European and international level. It champions the renewal of public strategy in the fields of culture, entrepreneurship and democratic practices. Arty Farty campaigns for a greater understanding of the role that can be played by cultural, artistic and creative vision in redefining European integration and bridging today’s social, territorial and generational divides.

Arty Farty has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem made up of diverse but complementary elements (including Culture Next, A.K.A., etc.). this new model places equal importance on entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the general interest, on transparency and independence, on democratic control and disinterested management.

Drawing on its experiences, Arty Farty is now placing its capabilities at the service of cultural projects, institutions, brands and enterprises:

— creation and production of event venues
— artistic and strategic consultancy and management
— project management and artistic support
— communications, mediation and press relations
— commercialisation and fundraising
— monitoring, prospecting and content production
— administrative management